* includes a haircut and blow-dry styling

Blow-dry styling30.00€-40.00€
Styling for brides35.00€-45.00€
Evening hairstyle35.00€-45.00€
Womens haircut + blow dry styling35.00€-45.00€
Girls haircut (up to 12y old)20.00€-25.00 €
Root coloring (max 3cm)55.00€-65.00€
Root coloring (max 3 cm) + haircut60.00€-70.00€
Hair coloring full length *60.00€-75.00€
Highlights *65.00€-80.00€
Partial highlights+ color+ cut80.00€-90.00€
Partial highlights + color 75.00€-85.00€
Ombre /Sombre / Balayage *100.00€-250.00€
Coloring with Sebastian + 2nd color *85.00€-100.00€
Coloring with Sebastian *75.00€-90.00€
Hair color removal + color + cut *130.00€-160.00€
Hair color removal60.00€-75.00€
Olaplex in addition to coloring10.00€-20.00€
Olaplex hair treatment + blow dry styling40.00€-55.00€
Permanent waves + haircut *60.00€-75.00€
Cutting bangs10.00€
Braids (doesn’t include hairwash or blow dry styling)15.00€

Facial treatment

Personal approach

Our beauticians are highly trained professionals who provide our customers with visible results, personal care, good advice for everyday skin care and caring attention. We offer facial treatments from three different brands: the world famous French brand Ericson Laboratoire, the very popular Sesderma chemical peels and well-known Anesi products.

GenXSkin - NEW antiaging facial treatment

75.00 €

Our skin deteriorates with age and its aging accelerates. This process is very individual and no two people age in the same manner. However, this process has various origins. Among the most important factors of skin aging are: genes. Indeed, our genes accompany us throughout our whole lives. GenXSkin: a new sophisticated and high-performance method that can protect the skin and stimulate its vital functions. In the GenXSkin treatment we are going to use all the energy potential of a powerful and innovative agent, capable of stimulating vital cutaneous functions with the aim of restoring the “triangle of beauty”.

Dry facial skin resurfacing

85.00 € – Retinol treatment

Energy Lift non surgical dermo cosmetic face oval rebuilding

70.00 €

The application of two distinct lifting and reshaping masks, which stimulate the synthesis of fibroblast growth factor, improves skin elasticity and visibly restructures the oval of the face. Helps regenerate the skin tissue, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity.

Acti-Biotic treatment of combination, oily and acne-prone skin

60.00 €

In some skins, which suffer from a large degree of seborrheic secretion, drainage routes can become blocked and a degree of occasionally severe inflammation can occur, resulting in the appearance of blackheads, cysts or spots. It is therefore necessary to cleanse, control and restore the skin’s balance.

Bio-Optic treatment for the eye contour

25.00 € – Base price
16.00 € – Additional price to a facial

The skin on the eye contour is very thin and it certainly is the most fragile area of the face. The eye contour endures multiple strains. Moreover, eyes react very rapidly to tiredness and the effects can be seen on the skin through the outbreak of dark circles under the eyes. The eye contour therefore needs very early, continuous, thorough treatment.

Ultrasound deep cleansing facial treatment

50.00 € – Ultrasound for face
55.00 € – Ultrasound for face and neck
60.00 € – Ultrasound treatment for face + mechanical face cleaning

Ultrasound deep cleansing facial is perfect for anyone with weary and tired skin. The treatment is also perfect for people with acne and oily skin and for sensitive skin as the ultrasound face cleaning is not painful and does not cause skin irritation. Ultrasound cleansing results:

  • Facilitates generation of new skin cells and boosts skin metabolism processes
  • Speeds up skin renewal process from 28 days to 14 days
  • The skin becomes smoother, more subtle, its complexion is better and wrinkles are evened out
  • Pigmentation and roughness of facial skin is reduced and skin obtains a visually rejuvenated appearance
  • Anti-inflammatory and cooling effect reduces swelling
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation, skin`s protective barrier becomes stronger

Darsevfal facial treatment

12.00 € – Base price
5.00 € – Additional price to a facial

Includes removing make-up, tarsenfal treatment and facial cream

Enzymacid peeling treatment

65.00 €

An exfoliation method, combining 5 HIGH TECH dermo-cosmetic innovations, inspired by the latest medical beauty treatments. This multi-action Peeling treatment is one of the new skincare technologies, which dramatically improves the quality of the skin tissue:

  • Mechanical action with immediate removal of superficial layers and dead cells
  • Instant chemical action on skin smoothness and bright complexion with a lighting effect
  • Long-lasting biological action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal
  • Revitalizing action on skin cells and skin tone

This is a very powerful treatment giving instant visible and strongly felt results for skin lacking tone, surface lines, residual scaring, pigmentation spots, dull complexion, excess of dead cells.


  • Jane Iredale Make UP
Daytime makeup45.00 €
Evening makeup50.00 €
Prices updated 01.01.2019

Eyebrows, eyelashes

Coloring eyelashes8.00 €
Coloring eyebrows8.00 €
Eyebrows correction10.00 €
Modelling eyebrows15.00 €
Eyebrows correction + coloring eyebrows + coloring eyelashes26.00 €

Manicure, pedicure

Nail polishing15 min.10.00 €
Children’s manicure under 16 y.30 min.20.00 €
Paraffin treatment for hands15.00 €
Manicure for men60 min.25.00 €
Classical manicure60 min.27.00 €
SPA manicure90 min.30.00 €
Gel nailpolishing + classical manicure90 min.30.00 €
Gel nailpolishing + classical manicure + removing the old gellack60-90 min.35.00 €
Childrens pedicure under 16 y.60 min.25.00 €
Parafiin treatment for feet15-20 min.15.00 €
Pedicure for men60 min.37.00 €
Classical pedicure90 min.37.00 €
SPA pedicure90 min.40.00 €
SPA pedicure + lack90 min.50.00 €
Gel nailpolishing for toenails + mini pedicure60 min.30.00 €
Gel nailpolishing + classical pedicure120 min.45.00 €


Chin or upper lip6.0€
Legs (half length)20.00€
Legs (full length)30.00€

For men

Boys haircut under 15 y.17.00 €
Men’s haircut22-30.00 €
Highlights + haircut45.00 €
Coloring highlights + haircut50.00 €
Coloring hair + haircut45.00 €
Manicure27.00 €
Pedicure37.00 €
Ultrasound deep facial treatment60.00 €
Acti-Biotic facial treatment (Ericson Laboratoire)60.00 €
Derma-Calm facial treatment (Ericson Laboratoire)60.00 €